Concrete Flooring India

Tempesta Concrete is one of the most popular brands in the area of high quality concrete flooring and surfacing work. Being the authorized applicators of Duraamen, USA, Tempesta Concrete has been dealing with various kinds of decorative, colored and exposed concrete for residential and commercial purposes. Concrete surfaces are becoming a trendy architectural solution for homes, public places, swimming pools, restaurants, hotels, offices, showrooms, malls etc. Beautiful concrete surfaces – both floors and walls – can be found everywhere. Concrete surfaces have changed the lifestyle of traditional floors to modern and chic surfaces. Whether it is Acid Stained Concrete, Polished Concrete, Micro Topped Concrete, Stamped Concrete or other concrete surfaces, Tempesta offers a unique range of concrete solutions to the clients according to their choices. Concrete floors and walls are no longer gray looking cemented surfaces only, but are in fact, now available as beautiful acid stained or homogenous colored in a wide choice of colors and tones, to suit tastes as varied as trendy, modern as well as traditional.

Tempesta has gained recognition in India for its exclusive and stylish decorative concrete solutions for walls and floors, and the success of Tempesta lies in their ability to offer an extensive selection of concrete solutions which can suit a wide range of budgets and style choices. Thus, these concrete floors are cost effective, durable, and yet stylish and trendsetting. Different concrete products like stamped concrete, acid stained concrete, micro topped concrete or polished concrete, have a varying features which can be suited uniquely to a given application.

One of the biggest advantages of concrete is that it is affordable and easy to keep clean. Only soap water is required to clean the dirt and to get back the shine of the concrete. Concrete surfaces are not slippery and make the interior impressive and impactful. Concrete floors have a very long life, and application of new stain may give a fresh and unique look to an existing concrete flooring. Being durable and strong, maintenance cost of concrete flooring is comparatively very low. Maintenance cost may depend on the surroundings, traffic frequency & quality on the floor. So choice of concrete flooring may also vary according to the usage and traffic. For example, the right concrete solution for flooring for an office will be different from that for restaurants.

Salient benefits of Tempesta Concrete floorings are :-

  • Decorative and trendy: Enhance the interior design
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Cost effective
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to remove or change the applied stain
  • Durable and strong
  • Environment Friendly

Tempesta Concrete deals with various concrete options for different purposes as manufacturer as well as distributor all over India. Being situated in the prime location of India, the company is well connected to service every corner of India, and even or that matter overseas projects worldwide. Anyone looking for designer and decorative concrete flooring.