Micro Topping Concrete

Micro topping is a thin layer of concrete which consists of a high-grade polymer cement, and despite its thin coat, it is very durable and strong. The Micro Topping product of Duraamen is called Skraffino, and this is an exceptionally user friendly resurfacing product that can be applied on any existing surface - be it tiles, wooden flooring, terrazzo, etc.. It gives you a seamless solution, and can be employed in the interior, as well as exterior, horizontal and vertical too, with a choice of 24 colour options and different textures to choose from - hence making it an extremely versatile product.

You can choose from a matt or glossy surface finish, with smooth or trowelled surface texture.

Due to its versatility, and ease of use, and the fact that it is strong and durable, Micro Topping has become extremely popular as a decorative concrete solution. Its range and scope of application is limitless, as it is suitable for bedrooms, drawing, dining, lobby areas, balconies/verandahs, patios, driveways, bathrooms, kitchens, and even wall surfaces for bathrooms, and exterior. Using DURAAMEN’s top quality protective sealers, micro topping can be suitably used for high traffic commercial areas, public areas, hotels, hospitals and even industrial floors.

For more details and the technical data sheet, you can visit www.duraamen.com and search for Concrete Overlays– Skraffino.