Polished Concrete Flooring

Polished Concrete is widely used for commercial and residential flooring in India, as well as worldwide. It is different from the normal tiles or other flooring options. A colloidal silica (Hërmetix) based chemical densifier is coated on ordinary concrete to make it more attractive, exceptionally beautiful and durable. To make the concrete finer and more compact, grinding operations are performed using specialized grinding tools such such as grinding cup wheels and polishing pads. In addition to this, the concrete may be coloured using high quality concrete pigments and dyes, to transform it into a colorful flooring which enhances the value of the interiors and adds a sustainable & remarkable appearance. Finally, the finished concrete floor is coated with a high quality sealer which protects and maintains the finish as well as the life of the polished concrete floor.

Polished concrete surfaces aim to achieve a stunning look and expressive quality, while providing a green solution to modern commercial and residential buildings.

Polished Concrete is mostly used in Warehouses, Factory Shop-floors, Shopping Malls, Retail & Wholesale Stores, Airports, Public & Private Office Buildings and Government Centers. Apart from commercial centers, it is now being extensively used for residential projects, as more and more home owners realize the excellent properties and advantages of using these floors in their residences.

Polished Concrete has numerous advantages over other flooring mediums. It delivers an environment-friendly surface which reduce dust mites & allergen problems. It requires low maintenance & is easy to clean. Swabbing with lukewarm soapy/foaming water is the only requirement for its cleaning. It has a transparent shiny look which reflects the natural lighting and reduces lighting & energy requirements, and it is not slippery. It is hardened and polished through silicon based chemicals which have comparatively long term life expectancy once the floor is properly maintained.

Our principal is DURAAMEN which offers more than 20 high-quality excellent shades ranging from warm colours like mahogany, walnut, and terra cotta to bright colours like turquoise, burnt sienna and gold to decorate your finished concrete floor. DURAAMEN is a world leader in concrete products technology and follows the guidelines provided by LEED 2009.